Privacy Policy

This website is being operated and owned by This PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT is made/published on the internet website to protect the user's privacy and it is connected to our terms and conditions. We have drawn out a privacy statement with regards to the information we collect from you. What information do you need to give in to use this site? We gather information from members who register with us. It includes an email address, first name, last name, a user-specified password, mailing address, zip code and telephone number or fax number. How the site uses the information it collects/tracks? The public information submitted by the member/user is intended for matchmaking purposes, to be displayed to other user/member seeking a match. This public information does not reveal your contact number or any private information. This can be updated/modified by the user/member, by logging in to the user/member account. The private information like the email address is extensively used to provide/assist you in finding an ideal Life partner, to do so you will be receiving emails on your email address from . Your email address is not revealed/displayed to other users/members by us. Financial information is confidential and secured which is used to bill the user/member for services desired by the user/member. All other private information is confidential with and is not disclosed to anyone, except, as required by law, to protect members of . This can be updated/modified/deleted by the user/member, by logging in to the user/member account. does not sell, rent or loan your personal information to any individual, organization unless as required by law. Can users contact any number of profiles in a single day? As a member of this site, you have the privilege to contact hundreds of profiles in a single day. However, there is a specified limit to 100 contacts for security reasons per day. If you want to contact more profiles than the specified limit in a single day, he/she can do so after the completion of 12 hours of their login time. Notice We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on feedback from clients or as a result of a change of policy in our company. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please write to